Inspectors and partners

EMCI Register works with the following inspectors and partners. 

At EMCI Register you can pick your own inspector and partner.

Sjors Tettelaar

Inspector EMCI Register

Sjors is inspector at EMCI Register.

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Diederick van Wijk

Owner at Van Wijk yacht expertise

Get on board and sail out of the harbour. As a proud owner of a new ship you want to get sailing immediatly. Van Wijk Jachtexpertise understands this love.

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Marcel van de Veen

Owner Bootkeuring Friesland

Marcel is inspector with EMCI Register.

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Jur den Hamer

Jur is inspector at EMCI Register

Jur runs Paperboat, a CE Inspection company that works with EMCI Register.

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Jon Floris

Jon is a CE data collection partner with EMCI Register.

Jon is active in Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland

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Davut Kul

Data collection partner EMCI Register

Davut Kul is an EMCI Register data collection partner located in Istanbul

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Albert de Roos

Inspector EMCI Register

Albert is inspector with EMCI Register.

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