Audit application features

Our audit application is central to the way we work. Scroll down to find out about it's various features. We have explained features used by both builders and auditors alike to give you a full impression of the power of the application.

Simplified requirments and explanation


The todo list will simplify the requirements of RCD 2013/53/EU and provide useful tools for managing compliance. With easily digestible instructions gone are the days in which you have to call your notified body every other day for specifically what point of ISO XXX meant. We handle the complicated stuff and you can focus on building your craft.

Managable UI

Todo Enter Data

The TODO list is structured with builders in mind. We have made it super easy to understand how you upload images and provide data for your lead auditor to mark the technical file. You don't need a PHD in computer science to understand it, and if anything is unclear our in-house support will always be ready to provide assistance. 

Corrective todo's

Corrective Todfo

The rules & regulations are complicated to understand. If your passion is yachtbuilding you don't want to have to pile through thousands of pages of regulations, requirements and ISO norms. The audit applications TODO's system is linked to the non-conformities that the lead auditor has added to your technical file and will tell you specific areas where your ship does not conform to the requirements. All you have to do is read a single criteria and fix the problem highlighted by the lead auditor. CE Marking has never been this easy!

Simple project overview

Todo Overview

When you think of software for certification you think of huge clunky behemoths for which you need a PHD to control them. Our audit application provides builders with a simple interface through which they can work. It is structured as a todo list with visual indicators showing on which criteria/requirements you have completed. This also means it is immediately clear where you are in your certification phase and what still needs to be done meaning you always have clarity into the status of the project and what needs to be completed. 

In house support

We don't farm out our support to call centres in India. When you call us you deal with real people who will give you straight answers. Because we develop the entire application in-house we have all the expertise required to help you with any questions that you may have. Furthermore, if you want to understand all the inner workings of the audit application for use as an in-house assessment tool, we are happy to provide on-location training. 



With CE being a European Union-wide directive we have to deal with a whole host of languages, luckily we came prepared. The audit application can be translated into any language of choice. We currently have English and Dutch built-in as standard but are more than open to accommodate special requests. Documents, exports and all other product from the audit application can also be translated. 

Automatic document generator

Export Doc

The audit application can automatically generate documents for you to use for your Craft or for EMCI Register to speed up the inspection process. Documents can be translated to a language of choice and will be delivered into your inbox. You can also send the document to multiple people at once if required. Creating a document is as easy as filling out the simple form shown above, there are no limits on how many documents you can generate.

The documents that are generated are of high-quality and customizable. Each document comes with a unique ID and a copy of it is always stored on our servers. You can thus always retrieve the original version if required for any purpose. Because we develop the application in-house we can create tailor-made document templates on request, we can even make sure you are the only builder who can use this format (if it is based on proprietary information for example). Some useful examples of already implemented documents are an example builders plate and declaration of conformity, which you can then fill in and finalize saving a lot of time.


Most control calculations can be done through our system. Allowing our inspectors to have a centralized place for most calculations required by RCD 2013/53/EU. For builders, they will be presented with a simple form to fill in the values that require manual input. Because the calculation system is web-based and not through excel the results are easy to understand and the forms are easy to fill in. 

Calculation Fill In

Results of the calculation will be quickly displayed in easily digestible information. Most RCD 2013/53/EU calculations can be easily completed through our audit application. By using the centralized audit application you can easily structure your calculations to ensure they are easily reproducible. The application will also generate PDF printouts to allow you to distribute results of calculations to interested parties. 

Calc Result

Dossier export & duplication

Copy And Export

Dossiers can be easily exported and duplicated. If you have an EC Type examination we can thus easily perform re-assessment of your craft. Furthermore, once certification is completed you can download the entire uploaded technical file for storage on your own server. The audit application will gather all uploaded files and place them into a single zip file along with all the markings and other data. It will then automatically collect all the information and email it to you. 

Search by everything

Search Everythinbg

You can search by WIN code, project number, name of the boat or boat builder meaning that you have 24/7 365 access to your craft's technical information. You can also organize them in a way that makes sense for your needs. This means because you can store your files for as long as you require and they are reproduced easily. This ensures that you meet all legal requirements. 


Checklist Display

Sometimes it is useful to have checklists that you can fall back on to ensure you have performed all the required steps. The audit application features built-in checklists tailored to the EMCI Register certification processes that ensure you never miss any steps. This tool is optional for auditors but very useful for other use cases as well. Furthermore, if you have custom checklists the customization features of the audit application mean we can enter these checklists for use in the audit application as well. 

Automatic certificates

Screenshot 2020 07 15 at 12 18 28

The audit application will automatically generate fully mocked and filled in certificates ready for signature. All certificate data including the certificate numbers are completely automatic and verified within the system. This will save office operations a lot of time during the finalization process after HCD approval and results in faster turn-around times for certificates and cost-saving that can be passed onto you.

 Furthermore, all EMCI Register certificates issued after 01/07/2020 come with a QR code that is embedded into the certificate. This QR code is integrated with an automatic certificate verification system that allows seamless verification of certificates. 

Full audit trail

Criteria Overview

A full audit trail is present including a per-criteria justification of how your craft complies with the essential requirements and all points of the underlying (harmonised) standards. 

Completely online

Gone are the day's of the fax machine. With the EMCI Register audit application, everything is performed in a centralized online environment. You can opt to log-in and upload documents yourself or our lead auditor will do it for you. Either way, it will save a lot of time.


Audit Reporting

A lead auditor has real time access to all kinds of reporting tools to assist them during auditing. This gives them immediate feedback on what must still be done and what the status of the project is. Once they are completed they will also receive reporting from the review process. An auditor will thus always be aware of where in the process a craft currently is and can quickly keep you informed as well.

Site visits

All site visits and the reporting there-of is performed online. Everything is scheduled beforehand so you know exactly what is going to happen. The site visit will mention the purpose of the visit, who will be required to attend and what the lead auditor will focus on. 

Site Visit General

Furthermore, once the site visit is concluded, the lead auditor will make a report of the visit. Here he will write down any conclusion and evaluate the inspection. He will address any problems clearly so you can understand what needs to be done to correct them. Naturally, he will also discuss these at the end of evaluation ith you in person. An overview of site visits is present in your audit application dashboard so you always know the status of any (planned) site visits and their results. 

Site Visit Conclusion


Report Pdf

The audit application will automatically create a final audit report documenting all the lead auditors findings and formalizing whether the product can be certified. These reports look professional and evaluate the product per individual norm element showing the inspection has been correctly performed. Furthermore, the builder receives a single document describing compliance with all elements of RCD and the applicable norms - all with the click on one button.

Report Acceptance

EMCI Register believes that quality must come first for each certificate we issue. Therefore we have committed to having each certification be reviewed by a neutral, qualified, lead auditor, An independent Head of Certification and the EMCI Register board. All these individual review processes take time to co-ordinate if we use email and fax. Luckily the audit application informs all parties involved and requests feedback by all supervisors at the request of the lead auditor. They can thus immediately review the dossier and issue their verdict online, who said quality had to take time?

Traceability & verifiability

Screenshot 2020 07 15 at 12 20 10

 EMCI Register maintains a register of certificate numbers online. This register can be found at On this website, you will be able to, in real-time, verify all issued EMCI Register certificates. Furthermore, the verifier is also integrated into the RSG Group certificates database so you can also verify certificates from other notified bodies. If EMCI Register ever withdraws a certificate it's status will be updated in the verifier. This ensures that stakeholders and supervising authorities can quickly check the validity of EMCI Register certificates. 

Furthermore, EMCI Register CE certificates issued after 01/07/2020 will all come with an attached QR code. If a certificate does not have a QR code attached to it then it is most likely invalid and you should contact us immediately. By scanning the QR code on the certificate you will immediately be redirected to a page that shows the type of the certificate, to what craft it belongs, and that status of the certificate. 

ISO 27001

Iso 27001

We only store data in storage data centres and hosting providers that are ISO 27001:2013 certified. ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized standard for information security. Ensuring compliance with ISO 27001:2013 makes sure that when you store your data with us it is safely protected and it cannot be accessed by un-authorized persons.

Quality control


Before we deploy any code to the environment that you work in we rigorously test it and make sure that it will not cause any errors. Furthermore, we use internationally recognized coding practices and have separate review processes implemented ensuring that you will experience smooth sailing. 

Robust framework

Logo craft cms

We are renowned  in the Craft community for our focus on quality control and have contributed extensively to its core. The Craft framework ensures we can be very flexible in our development whilst ensuring we have a solid platform on which to built. The framework is maintained by a wide community with a corporate backer ensuring we will never reach end-of-life cycle problems and the continuity of the audit application is guaranteed. Read more about Craft CMS here.

Full activity log

Activity Log

Get direct insight into who did what and when. The audit application comes with a full activity log built in and you can search it directly from the dashboard. The log is accessible only by authorized persons. All primary interactions within the audit application are logged and stored so nothing can ever go missing.