About us

EMCI Register (Chamber of commerce number: 72629665), as RCD 2013/53/EU notified body, provides CE certification for products in the Recreational Craft sector.

Our keywords & promises are:

  • - Independent & reliable
  • - Affordable, effective & to-the-point
  • - Approachable, operated out of The Netherlands by a professional and motivated crew
  • - Internationally recognized
  • - ISO 9001 certified by LLoyds Register
  • - RCD notified body appointed by the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, represented by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate


You can get your product CE certified by applying for certification with a notified body appointed by an EU member state. EMCI Register is one such notified body. If you apply with us for CE certification, by using our application form, we will contact you and explain the steps.

It is possible to opt-out of using the software systems EMCI Register has developed. However, because this will make the certification process less efficient, there are also extra costs involved with this.

Yes, you certainly can. Should you not choose your own lead auditor, EMCI Register will appoint one for you during the application review phase.

We believe that all projects are unique. We will thus provide an obligation free quote at the start of a project that contains a detailed price overview. Please note we are a non-profit entity and are thus not guided by commercial interests.

We are currently based in the Netherlands and all critical processes are handled out of the Netherlands. Our lead auditors are able to provide certification across the world.

We offer CE certification for recreational crafts and components in accordance with module's A1, B, F, G and Post Construction Assessment (PCA).

EMCI Register receives its financing from certification clients and the fees paid by these clients.