EMCI Register appointed to certify sanitary systems for use in Dutch waters

EMCI Register has been appointed to certify sanitary installations in accordance with the Dutch regulation `Regeling lozen buiten inrichtingen`. This appointment means that EMCI Register can start helping manufacturers of this systems can file their application for certification to allow them to bring their product on to the Dutch market and for use in recreational craft operating in the Netherlands. 

The regulation means that a sanitary system that dump water overboard on a recreational craft need to meet certain filtering conditions. Specifically, they need to ensure that two bacterial counts are kept in bay before water is discharged into open water. 

You can find the full Ministerial decision here

The Dutch implementing regulation can be found here: https://wetten.overheid.nl/BWBR0029887/2019-10-01.

FAQ's about the regulation

This regulation will not apply to you. You can continue to use/produce the waste water tank against local and national regulations.

We will need to establish that the filtering process in your sanitary system keeps the aformentioned bacterial counts to the legally allowed limit. We will need to see a report from a labaratorium establishing this fact. Contact us at info@dmi-emci.com and we will explain the entire process to you.

No. The regulation applies within the Netherlands only.

No. The Dutch regulation specifically requires certification by an appointed body such as EMCI Register.