Sjors Tettelaar

Inspector EMCI Register

Sjors is inspector at EMCI Register.

I was born with a passion for the maritime world. Ever since I was 5 years old I was at the helm of the family boat. This meant that I started learning and gaining experience for sailing from a very young age. After I completed the MAROFF education at the STC academy in Rotterdam I started working at Hamburg Sud on their 10,000 TEU ships (the CAP SAN class). Onboard one of my responsibilities was the classification audits and the interactions with the Lloyds auditors. 

After working in the merchant marine for several years I was ready for a new challenge and I began work as inspector with EMCI Register. Within EMCI Register I lead and give guidance to the inspectors and partners within the Netherlands and Europe. Together our goal is to create a Notified Body with a modern and efficient system of inspection and certification that combines high quality with an affordable price.